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{{Fish Data
#REDIRECT [[Betta foerschi]]
|name= Foersch's Betta
|species=Betta foerschi
|caption=Betta foerschi
== Origin ==
:Endemic to Southern Borneo.
== Sexing ==
:Males are more intensely colored then females. The males have red opercular bars where as females bars will be gold.  Female's ovaries might be visible via spotlighting.
== Tank compatibility ==
:Vigorous community aquarium species can easily intimidate this shy species. Bottom dwellers like [[loaches]] can be kept, but can be a distraction when they're breeding.
== Diet ==
:Captive bred specimens will readily accept commercially prepared diet.
== Feeding regime ==
:Daily, but note that bettas in general are prone to obesity and should have one day a week where they are not fed.
== Environment specifics ==
:These fish come from areas in the wild with few plants, very shallow water, many tree roots, and leaf litter. They are quite happy to have numerous plants in the aquarium, but the other aspects of the environment should be strictly adhered to. They prefer an acidic tank, but are much more flexible than most wild bettas and have been known to spawn in a PH as high as 8! They will most likely appreciate any attempts to reduce the PH as long as it is not too sudden.
== Behaviour ==
:A peaceful, and timid species that can be easily intimidated. Some have said that actual damage from agression in harems are rare, while others have said that it's best kept in pairs as the dominant ones in a harem can pick on lesser ones.
== Identification ==
:A species similar to [[Betta mandor]], bearing an uncanny resemblance to closely related species. Sometimes traded as Betta mandor
|Category=Fish, Fish (Freshwater), Anabantoids, Bettas
== Pictures ==
== Videos ==
== External links ==
*{{FishBase |id=15897}}
*[http://smp.ibcbettas.org/species/foerschi.html IBC Bettas]
*[http://seriouslyfish.com/species/Betta-foerschi Seriously Fish]

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