Mosquito larva

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Warnings and Precautions

  • Mosquitoes can be carriers of pathogens dangerous to humans, pets, and wildlife. It may be against local regulations to cultivate mosquitoes, and please be responsible by draining any collection containers you will not be able to check regularly. To protect yourself against being bitten during collection wear clothing that covers as much bare skin as possible. Also note that mosquito pupae hatch into adult mosquitoes in about 2 days, it is therefore imperative that you make the collection of these a priority. Your fish will happily eat them.
  • Feeding any live food, especially those endemic to freshwater, carries the risk of transferring disease or parasites to your freshwater fish.
  • Standing water can also attract other insect larvae that can pose a risk to fish, such as Dragonfly nymphs that can prey upon fry. It's always a good idea to carefully screen your catch for any unidentified insects, larvae or worms that you are unfamiliar with.